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Welcome to Brookside Soccer Club
Brookside Soccer Club offers recreational and competitive soccer at an affordable price to the Greater Kansas City area. Since its inception in 1977 the focus has been on a family oriented, fun opportunity for soccer in Kansas City. As the interest in soccer in our city continues to grow, we will continue to grow with it.
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Field Status

Fields are ready and games
will be played according to schedule. Updates will be
made by 6 am each Saturday.
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Find current news and
information for Brookside
Soccer Club’s Recreational
leagues and Competitive teams.
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Interactive map for fields at
the new Swope Soccer Village. Select “directions” and
enter your location.
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Join us in remembering our
past events and information
on current and future events
in the BSC family.
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  • Brookside Soccer not only helps my children develop soccer skills, but life skills as well. They express the importance of good sportsmanship on and off the field, and encourage the pursuit of education both in soccer and school. Brookside makes sure the sport remains fun for the children and promotes a healthy environment. My family could not imagine going anywhere else!
    Kathy A. -
  • “Thank you BSC for creating an environment that promotes the love for the game, respect for all players and allows kids to improve their skill level and build individual confidence all at the same time.    I am so pleased with the positive energy and encouragement provided to my kids from the talented coaches BSC offers. I am so thankful we are part of a great organization and soccer club!”
    Heidi H. -